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I must tell you, I fish a lot, and this area has some of the best fishing on the entire western seaboard.  I have some good fishing holes that I'll share with you.  It's all National Forest  around the cabin and you can fish where you want.  Watch for signs.


  • The winter steelhead season started Jan.1st.
  • A great steelhead stream is the upper reaches of the middle fork of the Siuslaw River.  Go due east out of Mapletown.  Good fishing all the way to Triangle lake.
  • The north fork and south fork is good as well.
  • The Alsea River in Waldport is also very good, especially Drift Creek.
  • Close to the cabin for Steelhead and Trout you have the Yachats River, especially the North Fork.

My special spots are:

Ten Mile Creek (1 mile north of the cabin). 
Big Creek (2 miles south of the cabin).
Cape Creek (5 miles south of the cabin).
There are countless lakes around Florence (trout and bass).  Tackenitch is my favorite, (5 miles south of Florence).
Don't forget about surf fishing.  It's really good right in front of the cabin.  All you need is sand shrimp, a herring rig (multiple hooks) and sinker.
Other good places to surf fish is off the south jetty in Florence.
Good Luck. I hope this helps. 
Again, my favorite spots are 10 Mile Creek, Big Creek, Cape Creek as they are "just out the back door".

I live here in Alaska and fishing is mostly the reason why.  Here is my Lodge in Alaska, please have a look.   www.goldenalaskanlodge.com

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